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Interim Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Interim Manager?

An Interim Manager is anyone employed by an organisation for a limited amount of time to run a Project, department or service. 

When do I need one?

Interim Managers fill in the gaps. Many organisations with perfectly competent managers find that due to sickness or staff leaving, there may be a gap of 3-6 months or even longer before a replacement is found and functioning. This can be catastrophic for important key public services which need constant management input and are often high profile and under public and government scrutiny.

An experienced Interim Manager, who can be placed quickly, will provide essential CONTINUITY  in delivering services.

Interim Managers can also be used when services are being reorganised, limited life Pilot Projects are undertaken or when particular skills outside the norm are needed.

Why should I use Public Spirit for Interim Managers?

We maintain our own register of people with experience of Senior Management across the Public Sector.
We will only place someone after a thorough analysis of your needs.
An account manager will review the progress of the Interim Manager with you regularly.
Your account manager will build the relationship to ensure that we add value to your organisation.
All our Interim Managers have a solid track record of achievement and UNIQUELY we ask for peer references as well as employer references.
We provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Can an Interim Manager be a Project Manager?

Yes. An Interim Manager can be a Project Manager and a Project Manager can be an Interim Manager. The Interim Manager is placed for a fixed period which may or may not be linked to particular Project deliverables.

Case Studies

References available on request.


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